Dear Sandra I wanted to let you know that I have had Bryn on Ventilator for just over a month and am delighted to report that I have seen a huge improvement in his breathing!  He is now on normal dose, but I wanted to just check to see if you feel it would be ok to double dose again at points in the summer when there may be high pollen counts for long periods of time.  Actually I don’t think it will come to that, but I suspect an occasional double dose for a week wouldn’t go amiss, but wanted to check first. 

Absolutely thrilled with his progress and everyone has noticed the improvement, so many thanks for your advice and product!


Dawn Hastings & Bryn,


Hi,  I own Jay, a just turned 18 year old bay gelding and having known him for nearly 6 years I was lucky enough this year for him to become my own! With him being older my priority from day 1 has been to help him with whatever he needs and with knowing he is getting older, to be able to help support him and his body as best as I could.

From day 1 I was only ever going to give him the best I could - and nearly 4 months on, Jay is the most flexible happy horse on your Glucosamine supplement. Even in the summer when he was turned out 24/7, he would come in and be very stiff, even things like picking his feet out and walking in from the field (ridden work involved a 15min pre-warm up so he could loosen up!). Now it has turned winter, he is stabled near enough all the time and isnt in as much work, yet being on your Glucosamine supplement has transformed him. 1 scoop a day and my horse is the legend hes always been and I know enjoys his work so much more.

With the classic thing of a 'new partnership', Jay delightfully tried to test me, and knowing what he could be like, I also looked into your supplements for calming. One day he had to be kept in one of our bark turnout pens and unfortunately decided he wanted to jump out - and took the fencing with him! I was recommended by a close friend to try your Magnitude supplement, and within days my horse had changed.

Thanks to your supplements, my beautiful boy has gone from a tense, spooky, stiff, handful of a horse to one that is a pleasure to do and I trust anyone and everyone with. Looking into winter was frankly scary (and looking expensive!) and thanks to what you have on the market, I can finally enjoy my horse knowing he is at his most happiest and not likely to cost me any more fencing bills!

So from two very very happy customers - thank you

Laura Ness,


I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been and continue to be with the Equine America range.

I have a 14 year old Clydesdale cross gelding who 18 months ago was diagnosed via x-rays from my Vet with severe arthritis in all 4 feet. This can at times cause him to become stiff and " pottery" My farriers comment after seeing the x-rays was " I've only seen arthritis that bad in horses that are already dead" I'm sure you can imagine I was horrified and obviously concerned to find out what his prognosis would be for the future and immediately consulted with my Vet on the best way forward to manage his condition. I was advised to keep him in light work and could possibly consider a permanent course of Bute. This was a course I was keen to avoid as I wanted to keep him off medication as long as possible.

After using the Equine America high strength buteless on previous occasions before having the x-rays done with very good results, I decided to investigate your other products to see if there was anything I could use that would specifically help with the problems my horse had. After consulting the assistants at Stutley's Equestrian I was advised to try a combination of Cortaflex and Equine Super Fenn. After having such good results with the Buteless I was more that happy to go with the suggestion. I therefore purchased the high strength Cortaflex and Super Fenn with amazing results.

He can walk, trot, canter hack out happily for over 2 hours without negative results. Although he can come out of his stable slightly stiff in the colder/damper weather by the time he's walked to the field he's striding out well. I kept him on the high strength Cortaflex for approx 2 months before I changed him onto the regular strength as he had done so well and improved so much during this time.

I can't thank the Equine America team enough for enabling me to continue to enjoy my boy and for keeping him mobile and pain free.

The strongest asset a company has is its consumers that trust and believe in their products.

I trust and believe and will not be using anything else.

Thank you,



Miss S.Abell,


I just wanted to email you to say after meeting you at HOYS  and explaining to you about my very hormonal stallion and how sceptical I was of food supplements!!!!. The product you sold me promising me results,  "No More Moods" has certainly changed my opinion and life!  Wow it really works.

My once very flighty, hormonal stallion is now a placid laid back chap thanks to this supplement and you persuading me to give it a go!  I am so glad I did as it's certainly made my life a lot easier and I will be keeping him on this forever!!!!.

Thanks very much Alex & Equine America

Claire Beacham - Glos,