7 reasons why you should have a go at British Eventing this season

It’s March, you’ve done a couple of jumping clinics, hunting or maybe a clear round or combined training and you wondering whether you could brave a one day event.  Our advice, give it a go, and here’s why…

  1. There is something for everyone BE now caters for so many more of us wimpy riders than ever before. A BE80 (T) is friendly, welcoming, full to the brim with useful tips from pro’s and comes at a lower cost than other levels.
  2. There’s no need to pay for a full membership to enjoy the thrill Day passes are available and as long as you register (for free on the BE website) you can purchase a day ticket for just £10!
  3. The people – they are SUPER!! Just turning up at my first event of the season to be greeted by a friendly parking attendant who tries his best to get a smooch, always makes me realise why I do it! Other competitors know what it takes to even turn up, so whatever level, you are welcomed into the fold of cross country doom with open arms.
  4. The Aftermath You might well be covered in mud from head to toe and aching to the point of paralysis, but you have survived – that euphoric feeling of conquering your first event, regardless of the result, will stay with you for days.
  5. Getting prepared The preparation for doing an event can be so much fun. Creating a fitness plan for your horse, dropping in the cross country schooling and beach gallops – beats going round in circles until your head hurts!
  6. Dressage divas optional Whilst you can bling up your horse for eventing, surprisingly you don’t have to buy tonnes of stuff to take part. The dressage section isn’t about ‘who has the biggest trot or the flashiest warmblood’. It’s about correctness, way of going and accuracy – all fair criteria for everyone involved to do well.
  7. It is EXCELLENT for the diet. The fitness, the nerves, the empty bowels – if you don’t enjoy it, you will be sure to lose half a stone throughout the process - RESULT!!


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