As the colder weather looms now is the time to think about what supplements you can feed to help your equine friends to flourish through the winter months.

The cold weather can effect the older horses more so its important to use a joint supplement to keep them moving freely and in comfort.

CORTAFLEX® HA REGULAR powder is an affordable powder that can make all the difference whether in high work levels or just hacking and schooling to keep fit.

Keeping condition on older horses in the winter months as the grass dies away so feed a good multi vitamin like our Bloom & Condition which contains premium grade vitamins & minerals also digestive aids fortified with Echinacea and Turmeric all  specially formulated for optimum health & condition.

Hoof care - always winter nightmare with the wet muddy fields to stand in. Equine America Hoof Balm is a super concentrated blend of natural oils that shine, moisturise, nourish and protect the hoof, whilst still letting it breathe. These oils are beneficial to the health and nourishment of the hooves and enable the delivery of moisture, nutrients and protection deep into the inner layers of the hoof whilst providing bacterial and anti-fungal protection.
Hoof Balm is the ideal product it provides a  barrier against wet conditions while continually letting the hoof breathe.

Our featured image of EXITAS owned and trained by Phil Middleton is produced using all the above products which have helped him in the recent months to reach peak condition enabling him to win his last race at Ascot last weekend.


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