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Cortaflex is the next generation of Natural health care for joints in Horses, Cats, Dogs and even Humans. Cortaflex is a supplement that provides the building blocks for natural joint health. We stock an excellent range of Cortaflex products for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Humans. Our equine Cortaflex range includes different strengths and levels for different horse lifestyles and has been a staple at 1000s of yards for many years. Various breeds of dogs have joint issues and Cortaflex for dogs is a highly effective joint supplement to help maintain comfortable and easy movement. Whether your cat is simply ageing, suffering from joint issues or recovering from an operation Cortaflex for cats is a highly popular and widley used supplement. While we may feel very different from other animals, we are not that far removed, this is why we developed Cortaflex for humans too! Our joints suffer many of the same problems as our equine, canine and feline friends and Cortaflex can help!