To Support Hormone Balance


Key Features

  • Providing nutritional support for the endocrine (hormone) system and pituitary gland in particular
  • Providing nutritional support for insulin regulation
  • Supporting hoof health with 20 mg biotin plus methionine
  • Providing natural, plant-based antioxidants plus MSM
  • Providing pre and probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome
  • Low sugar and starch formula


Key Ingredients per 30g Serving  
Agnus Castus 5g (Chastetree berries)  Biotin 20mg
Cinnamon  3g  Methionine 300mg 
Magnesium  1g  Folic Acid 100mg
MSM  1g Probiotic yeast  8.3 x 1011cfu/kg

What Are Cushins Pellets?

Cushins pellets are formulated to provide significant nutritional support for the pituitary gland, insulin regulation, gut health  and hoof health.

Agnus Castus (Chastetree berry) is thought to promote support for the endocrine (hormone) system, and magnesium and cinnamon provide support for insulin regulation and control of blood sugar.

Vitamin E and Rosehips provide significant antioxidant support to help with oxidative stress and immune support, and other key vitamins including Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 help to promote general health.

A full 20 mg of biotin, together with MSM plus key amino acid methionine help to support hoof health .

Natural prebiotics plus a live probiotic help to support gut health, and Ginseng helps to support an active outlook in older horses and ponies.   

CushinsTM Pellets are suitable for all horses and ponies, and may be fed alone, or added to a small fibre feed.

Nutrition Information  
Active Ingredient  Amount per 30g  Amount per kg
Agnus Castus (chastetree berries)   5g 167g
Cinnamon 3g  100g
Magnesium  1g  33g
MSM  1g 33g
Biotin 20mg  667mg
Methionine 300mg 10,000mg
Vitamin E 200mg 6667mg
Vitamin B6 30mg 1000mg
Folic Acid 100mg  3333mg
Probiotic  yeast   8.3 x 1011 cfu

Composition: Chastetree berries, Soya hulls, unmolassed beet pulp, dried alfalfa, cinnamon bark powder, magnesium oxide, MSM, rosehips, ginseng, salt, melon juice and pulp.  

Analytical Constituents:

 Crude Protein 10.3%  Crude Fibre 17.8%
 Crude Oil 2.5%  Crude Ash 13.9%
 Sodium 0.2% Sugar 1.8%
Starch 2.4%  

Directions for use:

For larger ponies and horses: for initial 14 days 30g per day. Thereafter 15g per day

For smaller ponies: For initial 14 days 20g per day. Thereafter 10g per day

May be fed alone, or mixed in a small fibre feed if usually offered.

15g (approx) measure enclosed. Do not exceed recommended intake unless under professional advice.