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Common questions about Human Cortaflex products. For any other questions get in touch!

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No Cortaflex not a drug. It is a dietary supplement and contains only natural amino acids and saccharides which are already present in your body. Saccharides are a natural form of carbohydrate (sugar) and are responsible for providing cells with energy and structural integrity. The amino acids are natural compounds that combine together to help rebuild good cartilage, connective tissue and synovial fluid (joint oil) which all help to maintain healthy, pain free joints!

Cortaflex does contain natural saccharides (sugar), however, each capsule has less than 1 calorie of energy, less than 1g of carbohydrates and the sugar content is nil. If you are a diabetic, we would always recommend that you check with your doctor before taking Cortaflex.

There is no specific times that you need to take Cortaflex. Most people find it better to take it as part of a regular routine though.

No worries, just take your daily capsule as soon as you remember and carry on your routine as normal!

It all depends on the person! Most people can notice a different within a week, some may take a little longer 

As Cortaflex is an natural supplement. There have been no reported side effects!

Less than 1 calorie per supplement!