EA Bloom & Condition Pellets - Information and Nutrition

EA Bloom and Condition Pellets are highly palatable, easy to mix in existing feeds and can be fed to all horses and ponies, but are especially suitable for:

  • Poor Doers
  • Show Horses
  • Older horses who aren’t maintaining condition as well as they used to
  • Sales preparation
  • Horses and ponies who have lost their shine
  • Underweight horses out of training
  • Fussy feeders
  • Competition horses and hunters who struggle to maintain condition during the season
  • Horses with weight loss following box rest
  • Horses who need extra stamina and energy without fizz

Available in 18kg.

Key Nutrients per 500g serve                      

Crude Oils                               77g    (15.4%)

Omega 3’s                               21.5g  (4.3%)

Crude Protein                          72.5g   (14.5%)

Sugar                                       17g   (3.4%)

Starch*                                    98g  (19.6%)

Est. Digestible Energy             7.5MJ  ( 15 MJ/kg)

Vitamin E                                 220mg  (440mg/kg)

Calcium                                   12g  (2.4%)

Recommended daily intakes (depending upon desired body condition):

300kg pony                              150 – 450g per day

500kg horse                            250 – 1000g per day

650kg horse                            325 – 1200g per day

*please note that although the 19.6% starch content may seem higher than expected, the low feed rate means that the actual starch intake of 98g per typical 500g serve is low. (If you selected a “low” starch feed with only 5% starch, but had to feed 2 kg per day,  this would still provide 100g starch.)

When fed at the recommended levels, as part of a balanced diet, EA Bloom and Condition Pellets should therefore be suitable for all horses and ponies requiring extra body condition.