Fungatrol No Rinse - Information and Nutrition

Fungatrol no rinse body wash is non irritant no rinse wash, with powerful Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial ingredients. Perfect during the winter months if your horse has dry or flakey skin. Once you have washed off your horses body and legs make sure you towel dry the area thoroughly then where necessary apply a thin layer of Fungatrol Cream twice daily which will condition and protect the skin from bacteria and fungus.

Available in 500ml

Directions for use:

Dilute the no rinse body wash by mixing 50ml into 4.5L of water. The no rinse wash reduces the risk of cross contamination as part of a general hygeine regime, whilst leaving the mane and tail feeling soft and smelling fresh.


Essential Clove bud Oil, Pure Concentrated ginger, Frankincense essential oil, Coconut