Peppermint & Spearmint No-rinse Body Wash

Peppermint & Spearmint No-rinse Body Wash

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Peppermint & Spearmint No-rinse Body Wash contains pure concentrated peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

  • Smells amazing.
  • Perfect for a rapid clean with a hot cloth.
  • Practical for a quick wash off after work.
  • Product Description

    A completely natural, no rinse coat wash which offers the ultimate care for your horse. It has a gentle blend of cruelty- free, paraben-free and sulphate-free ingredients to support skin which has been affected by lumps, bumps and rashes or mild irritations.

    Peppermint & Spearmint No-Rinse is perfect for using a hot cloth on your horse or pony after clipping, or to give a deeper clean if needed.

    Directions For Use

    During the summer months it’s great for lifting sweat and grease without having to give a full bath! It can be used undiluted for a quick clean, or you can also dilute it and use as a full body wash by mixing 50ml in 4.5 litres of water. The best part no need to rinse afterwards!

    Leave your horse looking super shiny and smelling great.

    One bottle contains up to 10 washes.

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