Vegan Protected Cortaflex

Vegan Protected Cortaflex®

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100% Vegan Alternative To Our Bestselling Cortaflex®


Product Description

Veganism is on the rise - In the United Kingdom in 2018, the practice of veganism was estimated at a staggering 7% of the national population and that’s over half a million of us. Globally, all classifications of vegetarians and vegans account for 25% of the world population.

Here at Equine America, we want to support your ethical views and nutritional needs and that’s why we’ve introduced Protected Cortaflex® Ultra Vegan. Ninety nine percent of joint supplements contain glucosamine sulphate 2KCL which is typically derived from shellfish, however, thankfully now there’s an alternative. EA have now cleverly sourced a vegan suitable glucosamine, derived from a corn fermentation process.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Contains 800mg of glucosamine for joint function which contributes to the synthesis of essential glucosaminoglycans (GAGs) and cartilage formation. Also provides high grade boswellia serrata extract, standardised to an impressive 65% boswellic acids. These are the key actives that support a normal inflammatory response and improved mobility, helping you move more freely. Antioxidants are also key to any premium joint formula, and Vitamin C – an essential co-factor for collagen formation – is also included.

To maximise absorption we’ve included gold standard BioPerine® - The world’s most clinically researched black pepper extract, proven to enhance absorption at the gut. To take this one step further, we use DR Caps® - acid resistant capsule shells which protect actives from the stomach’s low pH, dissolving at exactly the right time and delivering actives to the gut biologically unchanged.     

Our products really work and that’s why we have a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Try Protected Cortaflex® Ultra Vegan today