Countdown to Camp!

pc camp 


The countdown to camp is on, Summer is here!

Time to start thinking about what you need to pack. Here are our top products to help you and your horse survive (or thrive?!) at camp:

1. Apple Lytes. This should be on everyone’s shopping list! Electrolytes are lost in sweat. Sodium, chloride and potassium are lost in the greatest quantities in horses sweat, with calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals being lost in smaller quantities.

Horses can lose approximately 5 to 7 litres of sweat (50-70g of total electrolytes) when in moderate work, trotting and cantering. Sweat loss increases as exercise intensity or duration increases or in hot and humid weather. Maintaining hydration and replacing lost electrolytes is vital to promote recovery and ensure optimum health and performance.

 Check out our previous blogs on electrolytes and dehydration for more information.


2. For many horses and ponies camp is the hardest work they do all year, add to that hard ground and they might need a bit of extra support for their joints. Buteless is ideal for this scenario, containing natural plant-based ingredients to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support. Ingredients include boswellia, MSM and turmeric (as well as a whole load more!) to help maintain joint and muscle comfort and support mobility in all horses and ponies.

Both Apple Lytes and Buteless are available in 10 day pouches, perfect to fit in your tack box for camp! Find out more here.


3. Every Day Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. Have you thought about their diet? This one isn’t just for camp, but when they are working harder it is even more important to make sure your diet is balanced and providing optimal levels of the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure health and performance in all horses and ponies. Designed for horses and ponies on a forage-based diet or with low concentrate feed intakes.


4. Fly Spray. Don’t let flies ruin your fun! We have a range of different sprays to suit all horses, everyone has their own favourite! Forget Flies Spray is our latest addition to the range and uses innovative new technology and natural ingredients to repel flies and biting insects, with a silent spray applicator, making it perfect for those nervous horses that usually hate a spray. Alternatively check out Forget Flies In Feed Solution, but remember there is a 21 day loading period for this product, so start now to ensure maximum effect at camp.


5. Grooming Products. Want to win the best turned out at camp award? Silky Tail Detangler and EA Whitening Shampoo are just 2 of our favourites, make sure you add these to your basket!!


6. Green Ice Cooling Gel. Cool those tired (horse!) legs at the end of the day with our soothing gel that contains witch hazel.


7. Hat Gard It won’t just be your horse working harder and sweating at camp! Use Hat Gard, to eliminate the bacteria that cause that riding hat odour, keeping your hat clean and fresh!


Equine America is BETA NOPS and UFAS assured which means that full product traceability is in place, along with a quality assurance program which minimises the risk of contamination of the feed with prohibited substances and NOPS. Products are formulated to be suitable for horses competing under FEI regulations and the Rules of Racing, as well as anyone competing under Pony Club or Riding Club rules.