Breeding Supplements

Feeding a properly balanced diet, to maintain correct body weight and overall health is vital to ensure optimum breeding performance. In addition, targeted, specific nutritional support has been shown to improve fertility parameters in mares and fertile and sub-fertile stallions.

9 products

9 products

Stallion Fertility contains key nutrients, including specific amino acids, antioxidants - including Vitamin E and Vitamin C - as well as from plant sources help to promote sperm health and motility. Vital trace elements such as zinc, selenium and copper support sperm motility and development, as well as having important roles in testosterone production.

EA Supreme Omega Oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which play key roles in supporting a normal inflammatory response, vital for joint health, immune function, the nervous system and reproductive health.

Cortaflex Super Fenn, Kentucky Super Strength Powder and Buteless Super Strength Powder are all designed to maintain healthy joints and support musculo-skeletal wear and tear in mares and stallions. 

Better Bones contains a carefully researched combination of key minerals, vitamin D3, collagen and amino acids, to support correct bone growth and development.

More Muscle is scientifically formulated to support muscle development during sales preparation when muscle turnover is increased or in underdeveloped horses of any age.