Horse Competition Supplements

Preparing horses for competition and maintaining fitness and enthusiasm during a long season requires careful management, including correct training and recovery regimes, as well as targeted nutritional support to help ensure optimum performance in all disciplines.

B vitamin supplements for energy production, key amino acids for muscle development, and electrolytes to maintain hydration are all vital to ensure the horse can produce his best performance all season. Nutritional support for hard-working joints and muscles, with potent antioxidants, as well as support for a normal inflammatory response are critical to ensure soundness and comfort, especially during longer shows and events.

Travelling, both nationally and internationally can impact on digestive and respiratory health, and targeted nutritional support for the respiratory and digestive systems is key to maintaining performance even after a long journey. 

A carefully planned recovery after competition is important to ensure ongoing soundness and health, and topical application of soothing gels, clays and washes can support tired muscles, ligaments and tendons.


29 products

29 products

“Pick me ups” or tonics such as Pro-Pell Plus or Hemogen Xtra Boost can be very useful to support energy production performance, providing high levels of B vitamins, which may be low in the diets of performance horses with limited access to pasture.

Wear and tear on joints is an inevitable part of competition, with the world renowned Cortaflex Range providing key building blocks to support joint health such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and the Glucosamine-based range providing nutritional support for joint health at all levels of performance.

Antioxidant support is vital for recovery, and the Buteless range of powders and liquid provides high levels of plant-based antioxidants including Boswellia and MSM to prevent free radical damage, support a normal inflammatory response, and promote rapid recovery.

Replacing key electrolytes is also vital to support rapid recovery and Apple Lytes are trusted by many professionals to promote rehydration and optimum performance, especially during longer competitions. 

Building muscle and strength is a vital part of competition preparation, especially with young horses, and More Muscle contain a blend of key amino acids, including lysine and leucine, from a range of sources, including spirulina, whey protein linseed and soya.

Respiratory and digestive support is vital for competition horses, especially when travelling nationally and internationally and Pro Gut Balancer probiotics, Liver Flush and Bleader Gard provide support for these key areas.