Hoof Care Supplements


      We stock a range of high quality horse hoof care supplements for competition, hacking or just day to day care. All horse owners are aware of how critical healthy hooves are when it comes to competition, general riding and every kind of horse. Whether you are looking for hoof balm or hoof powder or laminae care we have you and your horse covered. Our highly effective Lamigard pellets are also very popular for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Our horse hoof care products all come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

      8 products

      8 products

      Horse hoof care is a vital feature of horse management. The constant wear and tear that hooves are put under when horses are competing or being ridden on roads can lead to poor hoof condition over time. So, regular shoeing and good management is key to protecting your horses’ hooves to ensure they stay healthy. While a well-balanced diet will help to maintain proper hoof health, often horses need extra support to protect the condition of their hooves. Hoof supplements for horses can help to ensure that your horses receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy. We provide a range of supplements to help you maintain the health of your horse, from external treatments to moisturise and nourish to dietary supplements that deliver the right balance of nutrients and minerals.

      A popular horse hoof supplement is our Lamigard Advanced Care Pellets which delivers a unique method of providing metabolic support and nutrition to horses prone to laminitis. Low in sugar and starch while also being high in fibre and antioxidants, these pellets deliver a balance of minerals and plant extracts to support the endocrine system and gut. An alternative supplement that is highly recommended by leading farriers and vets is our Super Hoof Powder Plus – a concentrated supplement that provides high doses of Biotin, Zinc and Sulphur. This supplement helps to stimulate hoof growth and quality, while also improving the condition of cracked or damaged hooves. From balms to liquid or powder supplements that can be added easily to feed, our range of hoof supplements will ensure that you are able to easily and effectively care for your horses’ hooves.