Horse Musclecare Supplements

Developing strong, healthy muscles is a key part of any training and fittening programme. Strong, healthy muscles are required to support the rider, to perform athletic tasks, and to support joints, tendons and ligaments. Muscles are composed mainly of protein, and protein itself is made from building blocks or amino acids. Scientific research has shown that certain key amino acids are key to muscle development and include lysine and leucine. Research has also shown that hard-working horses not only need these important amino acids to build muscle but also for optimum recovery and repair after exercise. 

Antioxidant minerals, vitamins, and plant-based compounds are vital to support the health of muscle cell membranes and to neutralize free radicals produced during exercise.

Tired, sore muscles will benefit from plant-based compounds including Boswellia, to support recovery and a normal inflammatory response.

12 products

12 products

More Muscle Pellets provide key amino acids from a range of sources including linseed, whey protein, spirulina, and soya, and also includes rice bran to support increased energy requirements, as well as antioxidant micronutrients to support muscle cell membrane health.

Tye-Gard Solution contains high levels of key antioxidants from plant-based ingredients, as well as important minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin E and selenium

The Buteless range provides high levels of active, plant-based ingredients, as well as MSM and key micronutrients, to support tired muscles, and promote a normal inflammatory response.