Cortaflex® is the next generation of Natural health care for joints in Horses, Cats, Dogs and even Humans. Cortaflex® is a supplement that provides the building blocks for natural joint health. We stock an excellent range of Cortaflex® products for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Humans. Our equine Cortaflex® range includes different strengths and levels for different horse lifestyles and has been a staple at 1000s of yards for many years. Various breeds of dogs have joint issues and Cortaflex® for dogs is a highly effective joint supplement to help maintain comfortable and easy movement. Whether your cat is simply ageing, suffering from joint issues or recovering from an operation Cortaflex® for cats is a highly popular and widely used supplement. While we may feel very different from other animals, we are not that far removed, this is why we developed Cortaflex® for humans too! Our joints suffer many of the same problems as our equine, canine and feline friends and Cortaflex® can help!

8 products

8 products

Cortaflex® is the perfect addition to any horse’s diet to aid natural joint health. A high-quality joint supplement can be hugely beneficial in helping to prevent joint problems which horses can be prone to as a result of intense exercise and competitions. Over the years, many horse owners and trainers have added a Cortaflex® joint supplement to their repertoire of dietary supplements and it has become known as a highly effective joint aid.

Cortaflex® Super Fenn which is available as both a solution or powder is the perfect joint supplement for those horses & ponies with high workloads. Using a unique blend of trace elements, amino acids, collagen, hyaluronic acid alongside MSM and Boswellia to deliver the building blocks of proper joint health. For a more affordable solution to joint care, Cortaflex® HA Regular strength is a great option and can be used for horses of all ages to support mobility.

MSM has recently been added to the Cortaflex® supplements to provide a bio-available source of sulphur, which is vital to the repair process of the sulphur containing bonds in the cartilage matrix.

With hard-working and competition horses being prone to joint problems through age and intense activity, joint care supplements are an important consideration for owners to make. Cortaflex® products make it easy to care for your horse’s joints with high-quality supplements and vital nutrients.