Cortaflex® for Horses

The Cortaflex joint range of supplements is chosen by both elite and leisure riders all over the world, trusting our combination of the latest scientific research, together with practical and traditional knowledge to provide the best joint care for their horses.

5 products

5 products

Horses’ joints are subjected to extreme forces during training and competition and wear and tear on joints, either through strenuous activity or just as a result of the ageing process, can be performance-limiting.

Cartilage (the spongy, elastic, shock-absorbing material found at the ends of the bones within the joint) and the viscous synovial or joint fluid, which also plays an important role in shock-absorbing, lubrication and nourishing the joint, are often the first areas to show signs of wear and tear, resulting in a loss of performance.

Cortaflex Supplements provide important nutritional building blocks, including key amino acids, collagen, (the “scaffolding” for cartilage), vital trace elements and hyaluronic acid (HA - an important component of joint fluid), to promote the natural production of the vital compounds needed by the horse to support joint health and function.

Cortaflex Super Fenn also provides natural plant extracts including Boswellia, together with MSM to provide antioxidants and support the normal inflammatory process, promoting optimum performance in both elite competition horses and older horses needing enhanced support.

Cortaflex Regular provides the key building blocks plus MSM to support joint health in young horses starting their career and those in light to medium work.