Forget Flies – The Science Behind The Forget Flies In Feed Solution

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With Spring here and Summer approaching dreaded flies will be back! Don’t worry we can help with our exciting new range Forget Flies.

Forget Flies In-Feed Solution is a unique new product from Equine America to deter flies, ticks, biting insects and other external parasites through in-feed supplementation, with no harmful chemicals it is environmentally friendly too.  

Let’s talk through how it works, the science behind it and why it is unique!

Forget Flies In-Feed Solution is garlic based like many traditional fly products but that’s where the comparison ends! In normal garlic, there is huge variation in the sulphur-containing compounds molecular profiles, in both quantity and activity. These sulphur-containing compounds are called polysulphides. This means typical garlic powder or granules fed to deter flies may have at best variable and at worst very low levels of these active polysulphides. The clever processing not only standardises the levels of active polysulphides, but also ensures that the final product is free from allicin and n-propyl disulphide, the elements in garlic that have previously been associated with side-effects in horses.

Our Unique Production Process:

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How does it work?

25ml of Forget Flies solution are added to the normal daily feed ration of your horse during the fly and tick season.

The active ingredients are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Blood delivers volatile organic and oil compounds to the skin, which are released.

The flies and other biting insects’ sensory receptors detect these compounds.

The compounds cause an adverse reaction in the receptors and the flies are repelled from the horse or donkey!

Time to Forget Flies!!

Don’t just take our word for it – Forget Flies In-Feed Solution was selected in the Top 30 Innovations at SPOGA Horse 2023 – the EU’s leading international trade fair for the global horse industry.