Freezing weather and the risk of Impaction Colic

All this cold weather means water is freezing and because of this our horses are likely to drink and move less, which can increase the risk of an impaction colic.

Horses don’t like to drink water that is too cold, so we recommend taking the chill off it. This might be easy if you have a hot tap on the yard, not so easy in the middle of a field without electricity – taking a flask of boiling water down to the yard to add to a bucket of water can be helpful. For those out in the field, check the troughs regularly and break (and remove) any ice – a scoop or fork can save frozen hands here!

Icy yards and frozen paddocks may also mean your horse isn’t getting their usual turnout, make sure they keep moving, as less movement can also increase the risk of an impaction colic, so try to ensure they get out the stable and move around every day.

Keep a close eye on their droppings – particularly looking out for harder or drier than normal or a reduced frequency of droppings can be a useful indicator. If you have any concerns about your horse, please speak to your Vet for advice.