Get to know Jesse and Georgie Campbell

21 Questions with Jesse and Georgie Campbell! 


jesse and georgie campbell


1. Which is your favourite event to compete at?

 JC: Aachen

GC: Gatcombe Festival and Blenheim


  1. What are 3 things you don’t go to a competition without?

JC: Spare pair of jodhpurs, my lucky whip and EA Applelytes

GC: Spare Breeches, equine america so calm paste and my coffee mug.


  1. What is the proudest moment in your career so far?

JC: Representing New Zealand at the Tokyo Olympics

GC: Winning the 4* Long in 2022 at Ligniers on Global Quest.


  1. If you were to choose another discipline, which would you chose?

JC: Show Jumping or Polo

GC: Showjumping


  1. What is one thing you wished you knew, earlier in your equestrian career?

JC: To really cherish and enjoy the successes as there are plenty of hard times in this sport

GC: Not to compare yourself to others. Have faith in your own system and enjoy the little things everyday.


  1. Do you get nervous or anxious before a competition? How do you cope with it?

JC: If someone says they’re not then they’re lying! I just try to be quite in tune with sound, smells and feeling things. Patting my horse is a good way for me to refocus and recenter myself.

GC: Yes definitely. I like to re watch a short video clip of when myself and the horse had a really good performance and make myself remember what that felt like.


  1. Which is your favourite Equine America supplement for your horses?

JC: Cortflex ha

GC: On a daily basis the Apple lytes and the Cortaflex are essential to my horses diets. The so calm and buteless paste’s are great for competitions.


  1. If you could invite 3 famous guests to a dinner party, who would you invite?

JC: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Roger Federer

GC: Roger Federer, Chris Hemsworth and Amelia Earhart.


  1. If you had to pick another career, what would you choose to do?

JC: Golf Professional

GC: FBI profiler 😂


  1. Do you have a trick or a ‘life hack’ either at home/yard or at competitions that you don’t know how you coped without?

JC: Taking lunch and some healthy snacks to the yard each day. I don’t get anywhere near as grumpy as I used to!

GC: Yard Google Calendar 📆


  1. Can you name 3 things on your bucket list – horsey or otherwise!

JC: Win a 5* in the next 10 years, Play a round of golf at Pebble Beach, Buy a house

GC: Win a 5*. Compete at an Olympic Games. Go on Safari.


  1. How do you spend your time outside the yard/competing?

JC: I love to play golf!

GC: Seeing family and Friends.


  1. What is your favourite food?

JC: Steak and Chips

GC: Seafood 🦞


  1. Which is your favourite sport other, than equestrian, to watch?

 JC: I love watching all high level sports

GC: Anything at the top level, especially live.


  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

JC:  Vietnam, I love exploring new places and that’s next on my list

GC: Africa 🐘 🦁


  1. Who has inspired you in your life and riding career?

JC: I was lucky to grow up watching New Zealand Eventing’s golden generation of Mark Todd, Blyth Tait and Andrew Nicholson

GC: My parents, Pippa Funnel and Piggy March


  1. How old were you when you started riding?

JC: As a 6yr old

GC: 2


  1. Do you have a stand out embarrassing moment in your equestrian career?

JC: I’m pretty hard to embarrass!

GC : When I fell off at The Pony Club Championships at the last jump on the XC and then in the Showjumping on the same day.


  1. What did you win your first rosette for?

JC: Apply bobbing at the local gymkhana

GC: I really can’t remember, I was a very competitive kid with a very competitive mum 😂 Probably gymkhana.


  1. Who would your horse be if they were a person?

JC:  Diachello would be Hugh Grant

GC: Global Quest - 50 Cent (talented, tough, opinionated, issues with authority 🙈)


  1. What advice would you give to someone starting their career in the equestrian world?

JC: Go and work for someone good. If you can handle the hours and hard work needed, you will start to figure out how you want to run your own yard and business and that’s the key for long term success.

GC: No matter what situations are thrown at you, always do the right thing by your horses, yourself and the people around you.