Have a fa-boo-lous Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here's your spooky essentials! 🎃👻
spooky horse
Spooky? 👻 What about Super So Kalm to support concentration. 


Does your mare or gelding turn into the devil? 😈 Have a look at No More Moods.


Trick or treat – smell my feet? 👣Then you need Thrush guard – anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hoof spray in a ready to use formulation designed for those stinky feet (we are talking hooves, not human feet!). 


Is your skeleton a bit creaky? 🦴 Check our Jointcare range, especially Better Bones!


Want your pony to be as white as a ghost? 👻 Try our new Yard Shampoo


Scratched by a werewolf? 🐺 Check out Derma Gel. 


Want a product as orange as pumpkin? 🎃 Turmeric Xtra is the one! 



Thanks to Silver Brumby Photography for the photo of Ambassador Holly Colgate's horse Lorenzo decked out in his Halloween Costume!