Mud Mud Mud

Who else is struggling with turnout, muddy conditions and unhappy horses?

Mud fever is similar to a person having chapped hands or lips — the horse’s skin can become very inflamed and sore. Pink skin under white hair is more sensitive, but dark skin can be affected too. Whatever the trigger, the skin will become red, crusty and scabby and the legs will become swollen. Sometimes the hair will fall off. In severe cases the horse will be lame.

Equine America’s Fungatrol range contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, which protect and condition your horses’ skin, coat and hooves all year round. Therefore, supporting amazing results on mud fever, rain scald and ring worm.

It’s so easy and simple to use!

After the legs have been washed with diluted Fungatrol No Rinse wash and scabs have been removed, towel dry the area thoroughly then apply a thin layer of Fungatrol Cream twice daily which will condition and protect the skin from bacteria and fungus.