Equine America are very excited to launch two new products – perfect for this time of year:





Forget Flies In-Feed Solution and Forget Flies “Silent” Spray are designed to deter flies, biting insects and other external parasites through the spray and easy, no fuss, palatable in-feed supplement!

Utilizing the latest research, and innovative, patented technology, Forget Flies In-Feed Solution combines novel but naturally derived ingredients, ingested by the horse as part of the daily feed regime. During digestion, the active ingredients are absorbed through the gut wall, and into the blood vessels. These volatile organic oil compounds are then delivered via the blood stream to the skin.

Forget Flies Spray uses the latest technology to improve the time honoured, natural fly repellent properties of garlic, to produce a highly effective fly spray, which works each and every time, unlike the highly variable compounds in garlic powder or granules (see below).

Extensive research in the USA and UK has shown that these compounds stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies and other ecto-parasites and biting insects, resulting in a significant repellent effect.

These effects are achieved through specific technology which transforms natural, sulphur-based compounds to deter flies from landing on the horse.


The Science

Forget Flies Spray utilises exciting new technology to produce a unique and consistent nutraceutical: PST-22 

Forget Flies In-Feed Solution combines the PST-22 with another exciting new nutraceutical: Ectogon-284.


PST-22 (polysulphide technology)

Polysulphides are amongst the most powerful antibacterial compounds found in the natural plant world and originate from garlic cloves. However, this is where the comparisons with ordinary garlic-based fly repellents ends!

In normal garlic, there is a huge variation in the sulphur-containing compounds molecular profiles, in both quantity and activity. This means that typical garlic powder or granules fed to deter flies may have at best variable and at worst very low levels of the active diallyl polysulphides (DAS)


 differences of polysulphide activity in garlic


The innovative patented technology used to produce PST-22 ensures that unlike straight garlic, a consistent and high level of the desired polysulphides is achieved with every batch produced. Furthermore, as the allicin is no longer present in its original form, this product is suitable for horses who react to allicin:

A batch of garlic is processed

The vegetable matter is removed

The remaining fraction is analysed by HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) giving a unique batch fingerprint.

This fingerprint is matched against the desired PST-22 blueprint and the required molecular profile is created, resulting in the same levels of active polysulphides each and every time.


Ectogon-284 – used in Forget Flies In-Feed Solution

Ectogon 284 is a (patent pending) unique nutricine (bioactive feed ingredients) containing PST-22 and other sulphur-containing compounds such as MSM and the amino acid methionine. In additional, key trace minerals to support skin and coat health such as zinc are provided from highly bio-available organic sources. Seaweed meal provides a range of ultra-trace minerals and all are included at levels which are compatible with typical feeding regimes – there is no risk of overdosing when fed at the recommended levels.


 nutricine composition


Forget Flies In-Feed Solution mode of Action

  1. 25 mls added to normal feed as part of the daily ration
  2. The active ingredients are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream
  3. Blood delivers volatile organic and oil compounds to the skin, which are released
  4. The flies and other biting insects’ sensory receptors detect these compounds
  5. The compounds cause an adverse reaction in the receptors and the files are REPELLED!


Forget Flies Spray  mode of action:

  1. Use the “silent” spray to apply to the desired areas of the horse
  2. The active, volatile compounds are released
  3. The flies and other biting insects’ sensory receptors detect these compounds
  4. The compounds cause an adverse reaction in the flies’ receptors and the flies are REPELLED!



  • Innovative new technology using natural ingredients to repel flies
  • Combines uniquely standardized polysulphides, naturally produced from garlic, MSM and methionine, using a specialised patented technology, removing the significant variations found in straight garlic, to ensure optimum results every feed, or every spray!
  • Unique molecular fingerprint Polysulphides in the Forget Flies In-Feed Solution are ingested from the feed and absorbed into the bloodstream. Blood delivers natural organic volatile compounds to the skin. Volatile compounds are released into the air around the horse and stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies.
  • Unique molecular fingerprint Polysulphides, in the Forget Flies “Silent” Spray, applied to the coat release the volatile compounds into the air around the horse and stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies and other biting insects
  • Flies and other biting insects and ecto-parasites are repelled and don’t land on the horse!!
  • Forget Flies In-Feed Solution also contains other key ingredients to support skin and coat health including organic zinc, cider vinegar and seaweed, at levels suitable to be fed with all other typical fed regimes.
  • Forget Flies “Silent” Spray has a revolutionary spray applicator, with significant reduced “hiss” to help nervous or sensitive horses who object to conventional spray applicators and an attractive lemongrass aroma.
  • Naturally derived product with patented technology, no harmful chemicals and environmentally friendly



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