New Year Resolutions


happy new year 2023 new year resolutions


Its that time of year when we all make resolutions. What are your equine New Year’s Resolutions, aims and goals for 2023? How can we help you reach those goals? Targeting your horse’s nutrition with our range of Equine America supplements can help you to keep your horses healthy and reach those goals.


Before looking at any big goals for the year, it might be worth checking to ensure your horse’s micronutrition is met.


What is micronutrition?

To put it simply it is the vitamins and minerals that are vitally important to keeping your horse healthy. Forage should form the basis of all equine diets, but many pastures are low in key minerals, and preserved forages such as hay and haylage can loose much of their vitamin content with drying and storage. Many horses do not need the extra calories from fortified concentrate feed, and this can mean that their forage-based diet may be low in key minerals and vitamins. Every Day Vitamins and Minerals is an excellent addition to any horse or ponies diet, to ensure their micronutrition is optimal. With the current cost of living rising, Everyday Vitamins and Minerals is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure your horse is getting the vitamins and minerals they need to maintain health and wellbeing without breaking the bank.


Perhaps your goal is to go up a level competing? Or even do your first competition? Preparing horses for competition and maintaining fitness and enthusiasm during a long season requires careful management, including correct training and recovery regimes, as well as targeted nutritional support to help ensure optimum performance in all disciplines. Think about what your horse needs? Is it joint support to maintain joint health and comfort as they work harder? Our jointcare range can help you with this. Do they find the challenge and stresses involved in training and competition affect their digestive system? Check out our digestive range to support gut health. Are they prone to excitability, stress and nervousness, which causes them to lose concentration and focus? Have a look at our calming and behaviour supplements. Do they need muscle support to help with their increased athleticism? Our musclecare range is there.


Perhaps your goal for this year is to breed your next superstar? Start thinking ahead to get ready for the breeding season. Both the stallion and mare need to optimal nutrition before you start covering. It takes a stallion approximately 57 days to produce sperm, so a supplement such as Stallion Fertility needs to be introduced with plenty of time for it to be effective. Better Bones supports optimum skeletal maturation and maintenance of bone density and is targeted nutrition for broodmares and young stock.


Perhaps your horse has struggled with poor feet? The old saying ‘no foot no horse’ is so true and a study found 89% of owners reported problems (such as abscesses, cracks and bruising) in the past 5 years. Poor nutrition is known to cause hoof problems so have you thought about a hoof supplement such as Super Hoof Pellets Plus to support optimum hoof growth and quality? On average it takes 9-12 months for the hoof to grow from coronet band to toe, and this is not going to be an instant fix, so persevere to see results. 


What ever your goal this year, our comprehensive range of supplements can help you and your horse to achieve it with targeted nutritional support. As always, our highly qualified, helpful and friendly team at Equine America are available for advice if you need us.