Start Thinking About Camp Now!

pony club camp

Its half term already, which means before we know it the Summer holidays will be here and that means camp! In the run up to camp it is important to make sure you (and your pony!) are ready to reduce the risk of injury. We know school and exams (or work for those older campers!!) means time to ride can be limited, but now is the time to make sure your horse or pony is fit enough for the harder work they will be asked to perform at camp. A fittening programme takes time and needs to be performed gradually by increasing the speed and time exercising to build muscle and stamina. Your instructor will be able to help tailor your fitness plan to you and your pony.

Don’t forget to check the camp rules! Time to dig out your horse passport and make sure your horses vaccinations comply – you don’t want to turn up, only to find out your Flu and tetanus vacations have lapsed.

You might also want to think about their nutrition to give them the best support you can. Making sure their basal nutritional requirements are met, using something like Equine America’s Every Day Vitamins and Minerals Supplement, (even for the good doers out there!), will help to keep them healthy. Thinking about it now, will ensure you have plenty of time to make gradual changes to their diet and reduce the risk of upsetting their gut microbiome. Nearer the time, we will tell you about a few of our camp essentials!


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