Tips for Preventing Thrush

With all this wet weather, cases of thrush will increase, but what is it and how can we prevent it?

Thrush is a very common infection of horse’s feet, characterised by a foul smell and black discharge around the frog. A variety of micro-organisms can be present, but the most common found is the anaerobic bacteria Fusobacterium necrophorum.

Thrush can be caused by poor foot hygiene (more common in wet dirty conditions), but also a lack of exercise and poor foot confirmation (in particular deep clefts). If poor foot confirmation is the case, keep working with your Vet and farrier!

Tips for preventing Thrush:

  • Pick out the feet twice daily.
  • Allow the foot time to be clean and dry every day, whether your horse is stable kept or pasture kept.
  • Ensure your horse has regular farriery.
  • Use an anti-microbial product such as Thrush Gard, after picking out the feet.
  • Encourage daily exercise.


Thrush Gard

 Thrush Gard is a ready to use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hoof disinfectant spray, containing the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide with ionic silver. For best results ensure the hoof is picked out well before spraying to the frog and sole, then allow to stand on a dry surface. This can be repeated 1-2 times daily, or as required.