What is Aqualox?

During lockdown many of us have had the time to exercise more, often resulting in home workouts gone wrong, aching muscles and more general wear and tear, increasing the need to find a high quality, scientifically researched supplement with the right formula to support your joints, bones, and muscles to prevent or help injuries - and Cortaflex with Aqualox can do just that!


What are Boswellia and Aqualox?

Boswellia has been used for millennia to alleviate joint issues and provide support to the body's natural healing mechanisms. It comes from the Frankincense family, which goes to show how long it has been used! Although historically, we didn't know why using Boswellia worked so well, studies have now shown that the most biologically active ingredients in Boswellia are the Boswellic acids - in particular ones that has been researched most extensively, called AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-Boswellic acid). Boswellia extracts are usually used to provide AKBA, and Aqualox is a water-soluble, palatable, more concentrated version of conventional Boswellia extracts. The Aqualox we use sources Boswellia that is sustainable to both the environment and the people who grow it, with the harvests traced from the source and the plants tested for the highest quality. Aqualox combines naturally effective botanicals with cutting-edge science for the most effective AKBA source, and the greatest benefits to musculo-skeltal health. 


What does Aqualox do?

Stresses and strain on joints and connective tissues (such as ligaments and tendons) can occur through exercise or injury, but can also occur as a result of normal day-to-day activities. Issues arising from wear and tear on our joints can be supported with joint care supplements, particularly those with a concentrated source of AKBA like Cortaflex with Aqualox.

The concentrated source of AKBA in Cortaflex with Aqualox works by targeting several molecules related to inflammation - for joints, muscles, and bones. It has been shown that AKBA inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines, helping to suppress the processes that damage cartilage and collagen, as well as supporting the body's own anti-inflammatory processes.

Aqualox has undergone pre-clinical and clinical trials, and the studies supported the anecdotal reports - showing that it is safe and effective for you, your horses and your pets.


Why should I be taking Cortaflex with Aqualox?

Not only do our Cortaflex (and Buteless for horses) supplements contain Aqualox, they also contain a targeted range of botanicals, micronutrients, and other chondro-protective compounds such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Aqualox is now used in our human, pet and horse Cortaflex and, alongside our other innovative ingredients, will provide premium support to joints and cartilage.


If you have any queries about which product would be best for your horse of pony, call our friendly, knowledgable team on 01403 255809, or send us a message.