Why Would You Hot-Towel Instead Of Bathing The Horse?

Why would you hot-towel instead of bathing the horse?

Hot-towelling your horse is great for winter deep cleaning, or a quicker wash in the spring months if it’s not quite warm enough to fully bath your horse or pony.

Hot-towelling can be an easy way to accomplish a sparkling clean horse in the winter, and particularly useful for cleaning your horse after they have worked, with a quicker drying process to help avoid chills.

What is hot towelling a horse exactly? 

Hot-towelling - also known as giving your horse a hot cloth - is basically a way for you to use a hot towel to “steam clean” your horse using small rags or towels soaked in steaming hot water. You can also add your favourite no-rinse product or oils to the water for the ultimate experience and leave them your horse or pony smelling and feeling amazing!

For best results, start with a thorough curry, brush, or specialist equine vacuum of your horse.  This will remove most of the dirt and dust and leave the steam to do the super dirty work. 

How do you actually hot towel a horse?

Firstly, to start gather some towels cut to the approximate size of a flannel or dish cloth. You will also need a clean bucket and access to steamy hot water, not boiling! Younger riders should always ask a parent or other responsible adult to provide the hot water! 

Next you want to soak your towels in the hot water and thoroughly wring out a single towel.  You want steamy damp, not hot wet. Use the towel like a curry comb to work back and forth in small areas at a time.  Work with and against the natural lay of the horse’s hair. 

To help the drying process, leave the hair poking up and cover with a cooler to help dry and keep warm.  If the hair is wet, you have too much water and need to wring out the towel more next time.

If your horse is clipped, just be careful the water isn’t too hot as the horse has much less protection.

What products would you suggest hot towelling with?

Equine America have a lovely range of no-rinse washes. They are a completely natural, no-rinse coat wash which offers the ultimate care for your horse. They have a gentle blend of cruelty- free, paraben-free and sulphate-free ingredients, including Aloe Vera, to support skin which has been affected by lumps, bumps and rashes or mild irritations.

They have 3 lovely variations including Lavender No-Rinse, Citronella No-Rinse and Peppermint No-Rinse. They all smell amazing!

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