Supplements for Cats

Looking after our cats is so much more than just feeding and keeping fleas at bay. Cats, just like other mammals need a little bit of extra help sometimes and our cat supplements are available to do just that. From joint supplements for cats to feline skin care and more, we love cats and we use our years of experience in animal care to produce high quality cat supplements to help make sure they stay healthy. 

3 products

3 products

While cat food is balanced and contains the core nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy, supplements are often beneficial to ensure that your pet doesn’t develop any health conditions. From joint supplements to skin care specifically tailored to feline skin, our high-quality supplements are a great addition to your cat’s daily routine for optimal health and wellbeing.

Joint Care

Canine and Feline Cortaflex Capsules are ideal for energetic pets to protect their joints. Cats are active creatures, and this can lead to wear and tear on their joints as they age which can make it difficult for them to live as they are used to, whether it’s jumping up to ledges or trees outside or playing. This supplement helps to support healthy mobility and contains a range of ingredients for optimal joint health, including Vitamin C, Boswellia Serrata extract, Turmeric to reduce inflammation and an advanced glucosamine complex. Cortaflex supplements reinforce the natural collagen in the body and strengthens the connective tissues, leaving your cat’s joints stronger and healthier.

Skin Care

It’s also important to keep your cat’s skin healthy, especially if they’ve undergone a recent surgery or are healing from a wound. Derma Gel provides a protective barrier over wounds and healing skin, so that you can prevent bacteria from causing an infection and to encourage regrowth of the skin and hair. The gel contains key ingredients to boost tissue regeneration and clean necrotic tissue, maintaining a moist environment for areas on the body that don’t allow for bandaging. Available in handy individual sachets, it’s an ideal product for caring for your cat’s skin to ensure it is protected against infection and bacteria. There is also a Derma Spray formulation which is easy to apply and provides rapid care for your cat’s skin when they’re in need of support after a surgical procedure.

Cats need extra help sometimes, just like any other animal, when it comes to keeping them healthy throughout their life. From maintaining healthy skin and hair growth to maintaining supple joints that will keep your cat as mobile and active as possible as they age, feline supplements are an easy way of boosting the nutrients your cat consumes through their daily feed. All of our supplements are carefully balanced with natural ingredients that support your cat’s health, providing you with a convenient and affordable method for supporting your cat’s health.