Debi Arkle

Debi Arkle dressage ambassador image


‘So Kalm and Super So Kalm Syringes live in the lorry.  They work really well for spooky horses but also really help focus my youngster who isn’t spooky but can get a little insecure’ 

Debi Arkle

As a young adult Debi had a strong urge to follow career in horses having ridden and competed since childhood.  However, after careful consideration she decided to pursue a non-horsey career that would hopefully bring in enough income to own her own horse to compete.

Debi is an enthusiastic amateur with one horse, a full time job in recruitment and a Labrador.  It’s early rainy starts, late dark cold lights riding under a dodgy floodlight which short circuits in the rain leaving them regularly in darkness whilst trotting about.  It’s a constant balance between time, ambition, facilities, commitment and paying the bills.

Debi has a new young horse who she describes as a ‘horse of a lifetime’ by Livaldon of Vivaldi x Donnerhall. It’s never a straight road with horses but she is giving it the best shot she can and hopes to ride at Grand Prix. Debi trains with Zoe Sopp and competes British Dressage Regionals and Area Festivals.  Last year they qualified for and competed in their first Nationals.

Debi has being using Equine America products for many years. Louis is huge at 17.2hh and Debi is keen to ensure he is getting all the supplements he needs to reach his full potential.