Holly Colgate Cooke

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Holly Colgate


Holly Colgate Cooke is a Dressage Rider, based in Hampshire. She has had Lorenzo her horse since he was an unbacked 6-year-old and he is now 14!

Holly is lucky to train with her mother, Zoe Sopp, ex-international rider, and has taken Lorenzo from Novice to training at Grand Prix in 5 years. She is currently out competing at Inter II and is aiming to compete at her first Grand Prix in 2022.

In 2017, Holly and Lorenzo became Elementary Regionals and National Champions; 2018 Medium Silver Freestyle Winter Championships and 2019 double Advanced Medium Silver Regional Champions. In 2019 she started her Small Tour career at the Hickstead Dressage Masters in the Prix St George Championships where she was Reserve Champion overall. They are the 2019 Midway PSG Champions. In March 2020 they were selected for their first Small Tour International at Keysoe CDI3* International.



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