Jack Whitaker

Jack Whitaker International showjumper riding Equine America Elucar V.E. Global champions tour

We use Equine America Pro Gut Balancer and it is an essential product for my horses, especially as they are travelling to shows regularly. Cortaflex is also a fabulous joint supplement to help keep the more mature horses, like Equine America Valmy de Lande, competing at 5* level.


Jack Whitaker


Jack has been riding horses for as long as he can remember. His father is Olympic show jumper, Michael and uncle is the world renowned, John Whitaker.

Jack is  currently riding as part of the Rolex Young Riders Academy and am an Under 25 member of Madrid in Motion, Global Champions League Team.

In 2021, he won an individual Silver Medal at the Young Rider European Championships, was a part of the Senior Nations Cup final Team GB, winning the Challenge Cup, along with 5* wins at the Rolex Dutch Masters and the London Horse Show.

One of Jack’s most memorable achievements is winning a team Silver Medal at the Youth Olympics and one of his longer term goals is to compete at the Olympics himself. Jack currently ranked 10th Under 25 in the world and in 2022 he hopes to improve that.

The 2022 season is looking exciting with Doha, Miami and Mexico in the first quarter of the year for his horses, Equine America Valmy De Lande, Equine America Elucar and Equine America Peanut and Jack himself.




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