Katie Reilly

Katie Reilly Para Dressage

“Equine America works with us, from our mares and foals all the way up to our main competition horses and back to our elderly RDA ponies. I don't have to look anywhere else for supplements as Equine America has everything covered.


Katie Reilly


Katie originally hails from Kildare in Ireland, but is currently based in Knutsford, in Cheshire in the UK, relocating with her family, her mother, father and younger brother Connor. They have brought along their two dogs Penny and Lucy, cat Puzzle and tortoise by the name of Dolly, along with Katie's two horse Ruddy and Hattie. In their new base, they have three broodmares, Honey Bee - who will be due again in June 2023, her most recent foal Winnie, Dreamy - who is due in March 2023 and Queenie - who is also due in June. The Reilly's yard is also the base for the Mid Cheshire RDA and they have 3 lovely RDA ponies onsite! The animal collection is completed by their rescue ducks!


Katie is a Grade 3 para ride, and has competed internationally for Ireland in Para Dressage. She is a disabled rider, and has Cerebral Palsy, which effects the right side of her body. Katie has had numerous surgeries to stop her leg growth, lengthen her arm tendons, as well as shoulder and elbow. Weekly physical therapy session, occupational therapy and Pilates have helped Katie, especially the Pilates with her core strength and co-ordination. 


Katie began riding when she was very young, as her family are all riders. It was also a great form of physical therapy and to this day, remains the main form of physical therapy. Katie is currently looking for her next competition horse to work alongside her current horses, to help get out to more competitions next year and work their way towards the World Championships.






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