Victoria Gulliksen

Victoria Gulliksen and Equine America Papa Roach

I am very lucky to be sponsored by Equine America, a brand which I have loved for years. My favourite supplement is hard to choose, as they are all very good. I would have to pick Buteless, as it makes my horses feel well and good in themselves all of the time during high level competitions, and it takes care of my horses' health. For me that is the number one priority when I am competing.


Victoria Gulliksen


Victoria started riding at a very early age because of her interest in horses and began riding her own Shetland pony aged 2! She began with riding schools, pony jumping and continued to the Junior and Young Rider ranks. She has always had a great passion, not only to ride, for the horses themselves, the horse welfare, and for the fun! Victoria now competes at the top level of the sport and is very grateful to her owners and family for supporting her to do this. Her goal is compete at the World Championships, which she achieved at Herning 2022, and to represent Norway at the Olympics, as well as maintaining a long career in the sport that she loves!


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