Willem Greve

willem greve

The higher level you get into the sport the more important are the details. Uls-gard helps us a lot to get all the details right by keeping the digestive system always in a good condition."


Willem Greve


From his early childhood Willem Greve was obsessed with horses. He had a very successful early career riding ponies before moving on to compete in both the Juniors and Young Riders' Championships where he displayed a great deal of talent. He was competing at ten European Championships with seven different ponies and horses. Only at the age of 10 he won the ‘Twente Cup’ for ponies and at the age of 11 he was Dutch Champion Equitation. Being a Junior and Young Rider he won two silver and one bronze team medal. Individually he ended up fifth and seventh. When he was only 20 years old, Willem Greve demonstrated that he was to have a promising future ahead of him, when he was named as the Rabobank talent of the Year 2003.


After finishing school he went off to Henk Nooren for 2,5 years where he learned a lot, not only horse riding, but also the details of trade en how to recognize talent in a horse. In 2004 he came back to his roots in Twente and started his own trade at ‘De Watermolen’, followed by a three year period at the stables of Jeroen Dubbeldam. At Jeroen’s place he not only improved his riding skills, but also learned how to train himself and to make a good show planning.


In Markelo, where he is based now, he realized his dream: a beautiful equestrian place where he can do what he loves most in life: training Young horses, top sport in Show Jumping and trade of quality horses. Willem is a stalwart of the Dutch Show Jumping and a regular member of the Dutch Team at Championship level.






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