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Nutritional Support For Joints, Skin And Hooves




MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) is a high quality, bioavailable form of organic sulphur, which is found naturally in fresh forage, but is largely lost by processing feed and the drying process of preserved forage (hay and haylage). This means that many stabled competition horses and ponies may not receive enough of this essential nutrient.

Sulphur plays many important roles in the horse’s body.  It is a vital component of some amino acids and certain vitamins, and crucially, sulphur also plays a very important role in the production of collagen – a key component of connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) and cartilage – the “shock absorbing” layer in joints. All these specialised tissues are made from proteins, bonded by flexible sulphur compounds, which gives these important structures their vital elasticity.

Equine America MSM Powder is produced from the highest quality MSM, from NOPS and UFAS accredited suppliers and is available in 500g and 1 kg pots.


Other useful products which may be used alongside MSM:

Turmeric – high quality curcumin with black pepper and Linseed oil already added.

Buteless High Strength – a potent combination of Boswellia and Yucca to help maintain joint comfort in both competition and older horses and ponies.

Cortaflex HA Regular – providing key nutrients to maintain joint health in horses in light/medium work, available in powder and liquid forms.

Cortaflex HA Super Fenn – high strength joint supplement for hard working and competition horses and ponies, providing collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Boswellia, available in powder and liquid form.

Glucosamine 12000 - 12g Glucosamine per dose, plus other key nutrients for joint health.

Kentucky - Liquid joint supplement with glucosamine, and other key nutrients for joint health.

Now available 500g