Fungatrol Spray

Fungatrol Spray

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Fungatrol Spray helps to maintain healthy supple skin.

  • For itchy, flakey, scabby or cracked skin
  • 100% natural and paraben free

Product Description

A ‘leave on’ water-based spray containing a unique blend of plant-based ingredients with added coat conditioners. After washing, apply the Fungatrol Spray all over to maintain healthy, supple skin.

Available in 400ml

Ingredients & Nutrition

Essential clove bud oil, Pure concentrated ginger, Frankincense essential oil

Directions For Use

For application to the skin:

Spray daily on the skin, do not rinse off, but allow to dry naturally.

For application to the hooves:

After thoroughly cleaning the frog and sole, spray daily on the whole area and allow to dry.

Bought With

Fungatrol Cream - Condition and protect the skin from bacteria and fungus.

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