Water Treatment

Water Treatment

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Water Treatment - Helps to eliminate bacteria and algae from water troughs.

  • Environmentally friendly tough water cleaner.
  • Natural cleaning action - disinfects the water through the process of oxidation.
  • Water Treatment leaves no chemical residue as it degrades to oxygen and water in a few minutes.
  • Removes the biofilm where bacteria can grow.
  • Leaves water clean and healthy for your horse.

Authorisation number: PCS:98877


Active substances: Hydrogen Peroxide (CAS 7722-84-1) 4.9% (w/w), Ionic Silver (0.0032%)

Type of formulation: Solution in water - to be diluted before use as per instructions.

Efficacy: Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide


Directions for Use

For best results, empty and clean water trough, removing organic matter. Apply Water Treatment when refilling at the rate of 100ml Water Treatment per 100 litres of water (e.g., a standard trough of approx. 1m x 0.5m = 200 litres and will therefore require 200mls product. 

Reapply Water Treatment to filled trough approx. every 3 weeks to maintain clean water.


Precautionary statement: Protective equipment is recommended when using the product. Eye irritation (2, H319) from undiluted form - rinse thoroughly with clean water. If swallowed, rinse the mouth with water. Do NOT induce vomiting.

Safe disposal: Once diluted, the aqueous solution can be released into drains in accordance with local regulations.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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