Cortaflex & Buteless - The Perfect Combination for Optimum Joint Health & Mobility

Cortaflex and Buteless are two of our main jointcare ranges, each with different strengths and available as powders and liquids. Selecting the best supplement or combination of supplements to meet your individual horse or pony’s requirements can be tricky, so we’ve explained a little more below.


What is Cortaflex?

Cortaflex provides essential building blocks for joint health and repair, including collagen, which forms the structural framework of cartilage - the smooth, elastic covering at the ends of bones within the joint, which reduces friction and acts as a shock absorber. It also contains hyaluronic acid, a key component of the joint fluid, which provides nutrients to the cartilage, as well as maintaining viscosity to provide additional shock absorbing properties. Healthy cartilage and joint fluid mean that the joint can absorb shock and maintain flexibility, as well as being more comfortable for your horse.

Cortaflex HA Regular Strength helps to support horses and ponies in light to moderate work, as well as older horses that need a bit of extra support. Both powdered and liquid forms are available.

Cortaflex HA Super Fenn is designed for horses in competitive or strenuous work, or horses with significant wear and tear. It also comes in both a powder and a solution, and although there are some slight differences in formulation, choosing one over the other is mostly up to the feeding preferences of both owner and horse.

Cortaflex is used and trusted by many of the world’s top riders – John Whitaker uses Cortaflex to keep his horses jumping internationally well into their teenage years!


What is Buteless?

Buteless provides a plant-based approach to joint health, comfort and mobility. It contains a well-researched blend of ingredients that support the horse’s own anti-inflammatory processes, helping the joint stay mobile as well as supporting muscle comfort. Key ingredients include Boswellia, MSM and Yucca, as well as vital vitamins and plant-based antioxidants. Buteless also comes in two strengths, Original High Strength and Super Strength. Similar to Cortaflex, the higher strength is for hardworking or competitive horses and ponies, or those with a greater degree of wear and tear. The Original High Strength is more tailored towards those in light or moderate work, or older horses and ponies needing a little more support. Buteless is available in powdered or liquid form.


What is the difference between Cortaflex and Buteless?

Both supplements provide support for joint health and mobility, but Cortaflex targets cartilage and joint fluid health and repair, whilst Buteless provides potent anti-inflammatory support to maintain joint and muscle comfort.


Can I feed Cortaflex and Buteless together?

Yes, you can! They are designed to be fed together, and are completely safe to feed with most typical feed regimes. Their different approaches to jointcare means that we would actually encourage you to feed both to ensure the best possible support for joint health and mobility in all horses and ponies.

For those who prefer a glucosamine-based joint supplement, try our Glucosamine HCL 12,000 and our Kentucky range.

The Buteless range from Equine America is endorsed by UFAS and is NOPS approved.

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