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  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – Specially formulated to help support horses natural defence against respiratory challenges from fungal spores, dust and pollen in their immediate environment
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – The respiratory powder contains a powerful blend of natural herbs and phytochemicals that helps maintain respiratory function. The blend also contains Echinacea and MSM to help support the immune system
  • TARGETED NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT – Blended phytochemicals help build-up a tolerance against environmental challenges horses face in stables, at pastures, working or while competing
  • READY TO USE – This is a complimentary feed as part of a balanced diet, just add to the feed
  • FEED DIRECTIONS – 70 days supply. For initial 5 days: 28g per day. Thereafter, 14g per day


Horses are subjected to a constant respiratory challenge from fungal spores, dust, pollen and other tiny particles in their immediate environment, whether they are stabled or out at pasture, working and competing outdoors, or in an enclosed indoor school. Most horses cope with these challenges, but there are occasions when a healthy respiratory system is overwhelmed, and horses cough to try to clear their airways.

Targeted nutritional support can help support the horse’s natural defences against such challenges, and Coff-Less Powder contains a powerful blend of natural herbs and phytochemicals (active compounds from plants), known for their role in maintaining respiratory function.

Coff-Less also contains Echinacea and MSM to help support the immune system.

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