Horse Supplements

In order to maintain peak health and performance, it’s important that horses have a balanced diet with the correct mix of vitamins and nutrients. Equine athletes have higher nutritional needs in order to support the additional energy they’re expending, so the best course of action for owners and trainers is to add in horse supplements to their feeding regimen. From joint care and respiratory care to digestive supplements, skincare and hoof care products, we offer a varied range of equine supplements that can be easily incorporated into your horse’s diet.

Whatever you need to keep your horse in top condition, both for their overall wellbeing and for competitions, we have the products to support them. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind, as well as being on hand to offer advice and guidance should you wish to discuss any of our products.

91 products

91 products

Natural Equine Supplements

Natural horse supplements are the perfect way of supporting the health of your horses, to keep them in peak condition. Horse supplements can range from behavioural supplements to help calm your horse when they are anxious to digestive aids and vitamins and minerals to help promote overall health and wellbeing. We understand that choosing the right supplements can be difficult – our range of equine products are designed to be fed as part of a nutritionally balanced diet to support their key bodily systems and functions.

Competition Supplements

We offer a diverse range of competition supplements to prepare your horse for events, such as joint and mobility support, blood tonics as well as external cooling applications to revitalise tired joints and muscles. We also provide respiratory supplements to support lung function throughout intense bouts of training or competing, such as our Airways range, which helps support healthy airflow or our Ventilator that’s designed to support all aspects of respiratory health and performance.

Movement Supplements

Agility and ease of movement is of paramount importance and a key sign of a healthy horse. Our muscle care and joint supplements are the perfect addition to your horse’s diet to enhance muscle function and assist with joint comfort. Tye Gard Solution, More Muscle Pellets and Vitamin E and Selenium Powder can be added to support improved function and performance.

Skincare and Hoof Supplements

In addition to dietary supplements, we also provide skincare and hoof care products to keep your horse in great condition from the outside as well as the inside. This includes Biotin Xtra for healthy hooves, Lamigard range for the natural support of healthy laminae and Derma Gel for wound care which creates a protective barrier effective against foreign contaminants.

Our supplements for horses cater to all aspects of horse care, whether they compete or not, to keep them in peak condition and enhance their health.